Privacy Policy

Why do you want to know my name, e-mail address and phone number?
The information obtained on this web site from the form on the contact page is used for the purpose of contacting you by phone and/or email in response to your inquiry. The information may be kept in my business records for future use in order to call or email you.

What other information do you keep track of, about me?
I may take notes of conversations we have on the phone and keep emails that are sent to me from you.

How do you use this information?
I use it so I can remember what we were talking about.

Do you share my information with other companies?

Do you sell my information to anyone?

Why do you want to know how I heard about you?
I like to know how my new clients found me. It helps me keep track of which type of advertising is working.

Do you have access to my credit card number or billing address when I use your payment button?
No, that information is given to PayPal. I never see that. You can see their privacy policy here:

How can I start or stop receiving e-mail from you?
Call or email Sue at (707) 224-5136 or and let me know.

How will I know if you change your privacy policy in the future?
Any changes will be posted to this wesite at the “privacy” link.

[January, 2014]